Simplify your path to retirement with a 401K rollover.

Cyprus has many investment options to fit your financial needsOne of these is the 401K rollover.

A 401K rollover is the process of taking the savings from your work sponsored 401K account and rolling it over into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This allows you to keep the benefits of a 401K, such as tax deferred contributions, but usually offers a more varied list of investment options.

A rollover can be completed in three easy steps:

  • Choose an Account. This can either be a traditional IRA, which features tax deferred contributions, or a ROTH IRA, which you pay taxes on before contributing.
  • Withdraw Funds. A request will be sent to your current plan manager or former employer to rollover the funds. Once they receive this request, either an automatic deposit will be made to your new IRA or a cashier’s check will be mailed to you.
  • Invest Savings. Working alongside your financial advisor, you’ll find the options that work best for you.

If you are interested in a 401K rollover or have any questions about other retirement or investment topics, fill out the form on this page. We will be happy to contact you and schedule a free, no obligation consultation with one of our financial advisors


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